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Fenriz Does an Interview

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More fun stuff from Fenriz!



Richard Dawkins on Riz Khan’s One on One

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Nice interview with Richard ‘Darwin’s Rottweiler’ Dawkins by RizKhan on AlJazeera, part one:

and part two:

They discuss his childhood in Africa, his books, science, religion and technology. The interview is polite and intelligent, quite a relief compared to the heated debates we normally see Dawkins in. Of course it’s fun to see Dawkins debate his fanatic opponents, but his own strong ideas makes him look fanatical too in those situations while in a non-aggressive setting like this Dawkins really shines. He sounds more calm and intelligent, though not quite on the level of Daniel Dennet..

Terry Gilliam interview

Posted in english, Movie with tags , on December 22, 2009 by NachtVorst

Nice interview with genius director/animator/python Terry Gilliam over at Mother Jones:

Some talk about his exciting new movie , which sounds like a movie only Terry could make, so there’s no doubt this one will be great again. Also some talk about his relationship with Hollywood, Heath Ledger of course and, most exciting to me personally: he’s still dying to make the Good Omens movie!

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