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The music in my head: KREATOR Coma of Souls

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The title track of Kreators 1990 masterpiece Coma of Souls. This song has been in my head for the last two days, mostly the killer main riff. Check out this awesome live version from the Live Kreation DVD:

Court Orders XS4ALL and Ziggo to Censor Piratebay

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Today a dutch court of law decided that ISPs XS4ALL and Ziggo1 have to block all access to the Pirate Bay and related domains and IP-adresses2 as requested by anti-piracy organization BREIN. The court reasoned that since BitTorrent user can(!) upload material as well as download it (which is legal in a lot of cases), the website of the Pirate bay should be censored, even though they stopped hosting a tracker years ago.

In principle this is terrible, but since the Net interprets censorship as damage and routes around it, it shouldn’t really make things all that harder in practice. A few options off the top of my head, in order of increasing complexity:

  • Use a proxy3
  • Use a VPN3
  • Use Opera Turbo (or Mini), you’ll get your pages through their servers in Norway, making it a VPN in some ways
  • Similarly, you could use the Pirate Bay Dancing plugin for FireFox
  • Use TOR
  • The Wayback Machine mirrors the .torrents too
  • Google has most of the magnetlinks in their cache
  • Use a service like web2mail to get webpages sent to your email
  • Use a shell-account3 and be creative from there:
  • You could deploy your own service that scrapes the Pirate Bay and makes the pages or the .torrents (or even better: a single .torrent or magnetlinkcontaing them) available via:
    • mailing lists
    • a private tracker
    • freenet
    • usenet
    • IRC
    • Google-docs
    • sneakernet
    • an online notepad
    • filehosting sites
    • QR-codes embedded in youtube-clips

Add your own suggestions in the comments and make sure you spread your results as far as possible!


1: ziggo.nl pops up a warning that the site doesn’t (fully) support my Opera Browser and suggests I switch to a different browser. I’d suggest that an ISP should be able to server proper standards-compliant pages.

2: A list conveniently supplied and updated by BREIN.

3: Not one from the Netherlands, North Korea, China, Saudi Arabia or similarly afflicted countries of course

Black Metal 101, a Lecture by Professor Fenriz

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I was looking up some Bathory related things and found this:

Fenriz (of the mighty Darkthrone) takes us through the history of black metal, from the first Black Sabbath, via Venom and Slayer up to the early nineties when the Norwegian wave hit the scene.

A great trip through metal history (Fenriz is also known as DJ Vast Knowledge Of Music, check his mixtapes and his Band of the Week) and quite educational for the newer fans.

And it’s always a pleasure to hear Fenriz talk about his passion, music and proving once again his motto ‘It’s not how many albums one has, but how MUCH one has heard’.

Guitar lessons: Immortal and Emperor

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I found these cool little guitar lessons by Ihsahn & Samoth from Emperor and Abbath from Immortal. Very cool to see/hear these pieces on just guitar!

These guys are one of the best guitar-duos in the world, perhaps at the same level as King/Hanneman or Murray/Smith. They play so casually and cool and still sound just like on the record, genius at work!

Isahn is actually a music instructor (imagine having him as a music teacher at school…) and also has some amazing video’s for GuitarWorld called ‘Left Hand Path‘.

Check out Abbath playing ‘Kashmir’ and then the riff from ‘Tyrants’, I must admit I never noticed it before.

What a contrast to Ihsahn! Abbath clearly isn’t an instructor (as he readily admits) but a very skilled player nevertheless (“I’m very competent on my shit but also very incompetent…”) . You’ve just gotta love the noise and comments he makes while playing and how he plays with his face like he’s playing a live show in full corpsepaint, I guess it’s mandatory when playing these songs.

Some bonus material here:

Emperor: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Seems like a different edit of the same material

Immortal: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7   Battles in the North!

Dream House, by Maurits Escher

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Winner of the ‘Childhood Renaissance 3’ contest at Worth1000.com. Some of the runner-ups are pretty good too!

The Coming War on General Purpose Computation – Cory Doctorow at 28C3

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Cory Doctorow held his keynote speech at 28C3, the 28th Chaos Computer Congress last Monday. He’s in great form and the subject is +5 insightful, check it out below or read the transcript here.

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