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Slayer goes to church

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LOL! I never knew christians could mosh like that, looks wilder than the average Slayer-crowd nowadays.


De zondvloed komt eraan!

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Nou, de christen-partijen hebben aardig wat zetels verloren, dus we kunnen ons opmaken voor een nieuwe zondvloed, althans volgens mevrouw Yvette Laclé (voor velen beter bekend als Yvette Lont, ex-christenunie Amsterdam Zuidoost). Blijkbaar vond ze haar uitspraken over homo’s en het genezen van HIV/Aids via ‘healings’ nog niet genoeg en moest er nog een schepje bovenop. Nou, dat is haar gelukt hoor, de gemiddelde Iraanse geestelijke zou jaloers op haar zijn:

‘Zondvloed bij te weinig christelijke stemmen’ – AT5 Nieuws.

Gelukkig is de nieuwe Ark van Noach al klaar, dus de diertjes kunnen gered worden, als we tenminste de logistieke problemen van de vorige Ark kunnen voorkomen, dus laten we Charivarius’ ‘Het scheepsjournaal van de ark‘ er nog maar eens op na slaan:

Vooral  de grootste en kleinste dieren blijken een probleem te zijn. Gelukkig zijn er geen dinosaurusen meer, dat scheelt een hoop ruimte en geplette dieren, maar probeer alle micro-organismen maar eens bij elkaar te houden…

Amsterdam: Faith Healings in a GP’s practice

Posted in english, Religion with tags , , , , on May 29, 2010 by NachtVorst

I was just reading het Parool, a dutch newspaper, and they had a frontpage article about a faith-healing group that operates from within a general practitioners practice!

GPs are generally well respected here in Holland. They receive a long scientific education so they have broad general knowledge of all things related to health and disease and if a patient requires more specialized care he is refered to a medical specialist. This gives the GP a lot of authority, which in this case is abused by advising patients to seek help in the ‘healing-rooms’, even for such serious diseases as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and even HIV/Aids.

This gives patients false hopes and might even stop them from seeking out the proper medical attention they require, which can be dangerous or even fatal. Faith healings are not scientifically proven and I think they’re just a ruse to get people to attend Alpha-courses. (*)

I really thought we were above this level of ignorance in Holland, but it seems even GPs aren’t above (ab)using their authority to evangelize. I think these GPs should lose their license or maybe even lose access to the entire medical system, the power of faith and prayer is enough to keep you in good health after all, right?

(*) I was just thinking that maybe I should follow an Alpha course just to blog about it, but it seems someone already did, which saves me a lot of time and irritation.

Farewell Ronnie James Dio, fuck you Westboro Baptist Church

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I just returned from as few days offline to find out the previously false rumor of Ronnie James Dio‘s demise is no longer false.

Dio passed away at 7:45am 16th May, losing his battle with cancer. This is a sad time for everything that is metal and I wish all of his fans, friends and family all the best in dealing with this loss…

I find it extremely sick that the pathetic excuse for a human being Fred Phelps and his fellow inbred zealots of the Westboro Baptist Church already announced they will be picketing his public memorial. I know I shouldn’t advocate violence, but I wouldn’t be sorry at all if some grieving fans tell them exactly where to stick their signs or, preferably, stick the signs there themselves.

Vlad 'the Lord Impaler' Tepes attending a mass impalement.

Dawkins won’t arrest the pope

Posted in english, Funny, Religion with tags , , on April 12, 2010 by NachtVorst

Richard Dawkins was quoted by the Times as saying “I will arrest Pope Benedict XVI”, implying he would personally arrest the Pope on his planned ‘state’-visit to Britain.

The quote was incorrect (of course the Times is owned by Murdoch), but it took Dawkins quite some work to get the headline change.  Continue reading

Richard Dawkins on Riz Khan’s One on One

Posted in english, Religion, Tech, Video with tags , , , , on February 27, 2010 by NachtVorst

Nice interview with Richard ‘Darwin’s Rottweiler’ Dawkins by RizKhan on AlJazeera, part one:

and part two:

They discuss his childhood in Africa, his books, science, religion and technology. The interview is polite and intelligent, quite a relief compared to the heated debates we normally see Dawkins in. Of course it’s fun to see Dawkins debate his fanatic opponents, but his own strong ideas makes him look fanatical too in those situations while in a non-aggressive setting like this Dawkins really shines. He sounds more calm and intelligent, though not quite on the level of Daniel Dennet..

Dutch Catholic Church faces child sex abuse scandal | Radio Netherlands Worldwide

Posted in english, Religion with tags , , , , , on February 26, 2010 by NachtVorst

It was only a matter of time before a scandal like this was unearthed here in the Netherlands:

Dutch Catholic Church faces child sex abuse scandal | Radio Netherlands Worldwide. (Warning: contains descriptions of sexual abuse, not very graphic but disgusting nonetheless)

Large scale sexual abuse of boys by priests within a boarding school, and also of girls outside of the school, going on for decades while the priests and their superiors knew about it. The head of the order at the time is now the Bishop of Rotterdam and President of the Dutch Episcopal Conference. He has refused to comment so far. Continue reading

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