Black Metal 101, a Lecture by Professor Fenriz

I was looking up some Bathory related things and found this:

Fenriz (of the mighty Darkthrone) takes us through the history of black metal, from the first Black Sabbath, via Venom and Slayer up to the early nineties when the Norwegian wave hit the scene.

A great trip through metal history (Fenriz is also known as DJ Vast Knowledge Of Music, check his mixtapes and his Band of the Week) and quite educational for the newer fans.

And it’s always a pleasure to hear Fenriz talk about his passion, music and proving once again his motto ‘It’s not how many albums one has, but how MUCH one has heard’.


4 Responses to “Black Metal 101, a Lecture by Professor Fenriz”

  1. Haha nice comments: ‘I guess they [Mercyful Fate] don’t have a lot to answer for, they did great shit’; ‘Can I like, wipe this shit out?’.

    • Yeah, his little offhand comments are genius, just like his comments on cake and bread in the interview on Transilvanian Hunger (can’t find the exact quote right now).

      • Another one: ‘Sarcophago use corpsepaint, and they’re fucking from Brazil. I’m telling you man.’.

      • And he’s right on again, Sarcofago was a pioneer, both in sound and image.
        Which shows again how global the underground has always been, with bands like Sarcofago and Sepultura influencing bands in Norway and Germany, while they were in turn inspired by finnish punk, swedish black metal and bay-area thrash.

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