Attacked at the Graveyard!

I was cycling past the graveyard on my way to work today when I thought I felt something moving behind my head, then I felt something touching the back of my head. At first I thought it was just a leaf or small branch that fell from a tree, then it felt more like someone hit me in the back of the head with his hand. Instinctively I ran my hand over my hair*, and then I felt something I completely unexpected… It was moving, but definitely not human…

I felt two claws trying to get a grip on the back of my head and then I felt feathers brushing against my hand. I moved my hand a bit more forcefully and then I felt the claws let go. I pulled hard on my brakes and looked behind me to see a rather large crow flying away and landing on a nearby fence, sitting there and looking at me defiantly.

I googled for crow attacks and it turns out they mostly attack humans when they have a nest with young chicks nearby (crow-chicks, not human 😉 ), but this isn’t the time of year for that. I’m guessing this is the local graveyard crow, but I’m still wondering if this was an attack or if the crow recognized me as a fellow dark soul…

* The last time I felt something on my head and ran my hand over my hair was in Palenque, Mexico. That time it was a small scorpion that had dropped from a tree onto my head and stung me in the hand when I ran my hand over my hair. Why do these critters find the back of my head so attractive???


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