The music in my head: METALLICA – …And Justice for All (including bonus rant!)

I’ve had the title-track from Metallica‘s …And Justice for All stuck in my head all day today. Here’s an excellent live version:

I’m not sure how the song got stuck in my head, but it could have something to do with the new cabinet we’re getting here in Holland, formed by two right-wing parties with support from the local fascist party. They will be fusing the ministries of Justice and the Interior into a super-department of ‘Safety and Justice’, bringing control over Police and the Judiciary in one hand. Montesquieu is turning in his grave.

The Ultimate in Vanity
Exploiting Their Supremacy
I Can’t Believe the Things You Say
I Can’t Believe
I Can’t Believe the Price You Pay
Nothing Can Save You

The new Minister of Safety will be Ivo Opstelten, the person who came up with the ludicrous idea that there should be a minimum distance between schools and coffeeshops. Notice that entrance to coffeeshops is prohibited to minors here and the shopholders strictly enforce this or their shops would be closed. Also notice that he has no problem with bars and stores selling alcohol close to schools.

Apathy Their Stepping Stone
So Unfeeling
Hidden Deep Animosity
So Deceiving
Through Your Eyes Their Light Burns
Hoping to Find
Inquisition Sinking You
With Prying Minds

The state secretary will be Fred ‘Crimefighter’ Teeven (no, not the funny guy), a veteran of the war against terror and the war on (some) drugs.

Halls of Justice Painted Green
Money Talking
Power Wolves Beset Your Door
Hear Them Stalking
Soon You’ll Please Their Appetite
They Devour
Hammer of Justice Crushes You

It’s unclear what Opstelten’s positions on net-neutrality, censorship and piracy are and Teeven’s position seems to be mostly shifting, so as a freedom-lover, pirate and coffeeshop-visitor I will be keeping a very close eye on these guys.

Justice Is Lost
Justice Is Raped
Justice Is Gone
Pulling Your Strings
Justice Is Done
Seeking No Truth
Winning Is All
Find it So Grim
So True
So Real

Sorry for the rant, I promised myself not to rant about politics anymore, but that will be hard with the new brown cabinet… Back to the subject; compare the above version of Justice, from the 1989 tour with this one, when they finally played it completely again for the first time 18 years later:

Where is the anger, the aggression, the thrash-feeling? The vocals are off, the solo is wrong and won’t even start about the drums. Can you believe it’s the same band? I think we need Mr. T and the ghost of Cliff Burton to help us once again… (Wow, actually still exists? Guess they’ve beaten GeoCities after all!)


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