thIngan Hol yIghun!

UPDATE: The links to don’t work anymore, but there’s a vastly expanded version at CPAN, which includes everything from the original page.

thIngan Hol yIghun! No, it’s not the latest Black Metal sensation from Northern Svalbard, this actually means “The Klingon Language: hey you, program in it!” in Klingon.

If (like me) you’ve always kept your distance from Perl because it can seem intimidating, you could try the Lingua::tlhInganHol::yIghun module, it allows you to write Perl in the original Klingon!

From the developer (and Perl-guru) Damian Conway:

The Klingon language was first explained to Terrans in 1984 by Earth-born linguist Dr Marc Okrand. Those who dare can learn more about it at the Klingon Language Institute (

The word order in Klingon sentences is I-O-V-S: indirect object, (direct) object, verb, subject. For example:

luSpetna'vaD vay' vIghItlh jIH

to-STDERR something write I

Naturally, commands given in the imperative form are far more common in Klingon. In imperative statements, such as those used for programming instructions, word order becomes I-O-V: indirect object, (direct) object, (imperative) verb:

luSpetna'vaD vay' yIghItlh!

to-STDERR something (I order you to) write!

Thus, for programming, Klingon is inherently a Reverse Polish notation.

If that made any sense to you, you’ll find more of these gems over at the KlingonPerlProgramming-page.

Now… Cry havoc and let loose the bugs of war!


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