New Arduino Boards

The Arduino-team recently announced 2 new Arduino boards, the Uno and the Mega 2560!

The main improvement is the use of a new USB to serial interface, that can also be reprogrammed to make the arduino identify itself as a variety of USB devices (Keyboards, Mice, Joysticks, MIDI etc). This is something I’ve been trying to do recently and found out that you need to make an USB-shield and it would require a lot of the processing-power in the Arduino Duemilanove, so this new seems to be exactly what I need to finish up the GKOS-keyboard I’ve been building recently (I’ll post about it once I feel it’s working well enough). The new Mega 2560 will also have twice as much memory. I hope they make a new Arduino Nano with this new interface too…

They also announced there will be an  Arduino Ethernet board, with built-in network, microSD an possibly power over ethernet.


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