Empyrium is alive again!

Just read the great news that German Dark Folk Metal band Empyrium has recorded a new song for the upcoming Prophecy compilation album Whom The Moon A Nightsong Sings and will probably record more!

From the Prophecy site: 

We are incredibly happy to announce that EMPYRIUM, the most renowned Prophecy act ever, has decided to reunite and to record new music! Here’s the official statement of Schwadorf on the reunion: “Since the rumours start to spread we think it’s about time to make this official: EMPYRIUM is alive again! Our first new sign of life will be the song ‘The Days Before The Fall’ on the Prophecy Prod. compilation ‘Whom The Moon A Nightsong Sings’ but we have plans for more! The spirit is back and it really feels right to us to start writing songs with EMPYRIUM again. We are not in a rush though so don’t expect a full lenght today or tomorrow but we have the patience and faith to make this new songs outstanding and unique. Just as EMPYRIUM ever was….”

To celebrate this remarkable news, you can order all EMPYRIUM albums from Prophecy’s online shop
for only 9,99 Euro incl. worldwide shipping. As this offer will only be valid for a short time, take the chance to fill the gaps in your EMPYRIUM collection now!


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