The music in my head: Odyssey

Recently I’ve had the three songs from Dan Swanö’s Odyssey ep stuck in my head:

All three songs are different but they form a coherent sound, mixing slightly doomy heavy metal drums and guitars with cheesy poppy vocals and keyboards in a way that shouldn’t really work, but damn, Dan Swanö makes the two mesh perfectly while the whole keeps sounding very threatening and heavy with mysterious eastern accents. My only complaints are that the songs are maybe a little shorter than they could be, and that there aren’t any more songs…

The good news is that dutch cult-label Vic Records (who released Katatonia’s first ep and October Tide’s first album, both recorded with Dan Swanö at his Unisound/Gorysound studio) will re-release this ep, remastered and with six aditional cover songs:

Dan Swanö is a musical genius. He has played in or produced for tons of awesome bands, way too many to mention, just check the incomplete list at Wiki or the Metal Archives. Seeing his name mentioned on an album cover is always reason for me to check out that album.


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