Stormtroopers 365

Check out this flickr-set ‘Stormtroopers 365‘ by Stéfan! As the title suggest, it contains 365 images, showing us an insight into the perils and pleasures of two Star Wars stormtrooper action figures. We see them doing their normal things, looking for droids, hating rebel scum, evading wookies and Lord Vader’s wrath and being all round stupid, but also on more private moments like a holiday at the beach or Christmas-scenes. Great use of focus and perspective to make the action figures come alive and sometimes look life-size. The poses of the figures and the situations they’re in are incredibly funny and give the troopers personality. You can just almost see different expressions on the stormtroopers’ faces, happy, mean, surprised, etc. I managed to feel a real bond with the two of them by the end of the set.  Just put on the slideshow and enjoy!


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