The music in my head: DEATH – Spiritual Healing

While writing the last post, this great song by Death got stuck in my mind, so this seemed like a good moment to start a new series I’ve been thinking about for a while now, ‘The music in my head’, where I share songs that get stuck in my head for some reason with you, the Internet! The songs could be great, mediocre, funny or crap, I generally don’t have much control over what pops into my head, sorry. Anyway, here’s part one, Spiritual Healing by the late and great Death! Lyrics beyond the break…


Always locking the doors to your mind
Escaping the reality that surrounds you
Using faith as an excuse to kill
A sick way of life is now revealed

All the prayers in the world can’t help you now
A killer, a taker of life is what you are

Preach the good word
Speak no more, prepare to burn
A justified torture?
From this may others learn
The life you took a holy death, a grave mistake
No changing your mind, your life you should pay

Practice what you preach
Your loved one is now deceased
Knowledge is at our hands
Never to understand

Spiritual Healing

Blinded by the twisted ways of your live
Kill for religion, will the Lord forgive?
Idiocy has stricken your mind
A real-life hell you will find

(from Empty Words, © Chuck Schuldiner)


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