Amsterdam: Faith Healings in a GP’s practice

I was just reading het Parool, a dutch newspaper, and they had a frontpage article about a faith-healing group that operates from within a general practitioners practice!

GPs are generally well respected here in Holland. They receive a long scientific education so they have broad general knowledge of all things related to health and disease and if a patient requires more specialized care he is refered to a medical specialist. This gives the GP a lot of authority, which in this case is abused by advising patients to seek help in the ‘healing-rooms’, even for such serious diseases as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and even HIV/Aids.

This gives patients false hopes and might even stop them from seeking out the proper medical attention they require, which can be dangerous or even fatal. Faith healings are not scientifically proven and I think they’re just a ruse to get people to attend Alpha-courses. (*)

I really thought we were above this level of ignorance in Holland, but it seems even GPs aren’t above (ab)using their authority to evangelize. I think these GPs should lose their license or maybe even lose access to the entire medical system, the power of faith and prayer is enough to keep you in good health after all, right?

(*) I was just thinking that maybe I should follow an Alpha course just to blog about it, but it seems someone already did, which saves me a lot of time and irritation.


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