Farewell Ronnie James Dio, fuck you Westboro Baptist Church

I just returned from as few days offline to find out the previously false rumor of Ronnie James Dio‘s demise is no longer false.

Dio passed away at 7:45am 16th May, losing his battle with cancer. This is a sad time for everything that is metal and I wish all of his fans, friends and family all the best in dealing with this loss…

I find it extremely sick that the pathetic excuse for a human being Fred Phelps and his fellow inbred zealots of the Westboro Baptist Church already announced they will be picketing his public memorial. I know I shouldn’t advocate violence, but I wouldn’t be sorry at all if some grieving fans tell them exactly where to stick their signs or, preferably, stick the signs there themselves.

Vlad 'the Lord Impaler' Tepes attending a mass impalement.


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