Dutch Catholic Church faces child sex abuse scandal | Radio Netherlands Worldwide

It was only a matter of time before a scandal like this was unearthed here in the Netherlands:

Dutch Catholic Church faces child sex abuse scandal | Radio Netherlands Worldwide. (Warning: contains descriptions of sexual abuse, not very graphic but disgusting nonetheless)

Large scale sexual abuse of boys by priests within a boarding school, and also of girls outside of the school, going on for decades while the priests and their superiors knew about it. The head of the order at the time is now the Bishop of Rotterdam and President of the Dutch Episcopal Conference. He has refused to comment so far.

The boarding school was part of a monastery ran by the Salesians of Don Bosco,

The new Salesian logo: Kinda creepy in the light of these events…

The Salesian logo. Kinda creepy in the light of these events..

a Roman Catholic religious order founded in the late nineteenth century by Saint John Bosco in an attempt, through works of charity, to care for the young and poor children of the industrial revolution. The Salesians’ charter describes the society’s mission as “the Christian perfection of its associates obtained by the exercise of spiritual and corporal works of charity towards the young, especially the poor, and the education of boys to the priesthood”  (from wiki).

It seems they’ve taken their mission a little bit to literal…

Damn, these disgusting pedo-priests really get my blood boiling. Acting all holier than thou, telling people how to live their lives and to follow their rules while they go around abusing little girls and boys. And the ones responsible and the ones looking away aren’t prosecuted and jailed, no, they’re promoted to high positions within the organization or transfered to another parish.

Of course the parents weren’t aware of this and aren’t responsible, but I hope after the recent string of scandals like this no parent will ever send their kids to a boarding school, let alone to a monastery.


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