Yes, we scan!

I’ve always thought Germans (and Lutherans) didn’t have a sense of humour, but this Minister of the Lutheran Church in Cologne (Köln), has proven me wrong:

Karneval: Nacktscanner in Kölner Kirche. The Article is in German, I haven’t found any sources in English, but it roughly tells the following story:

Nude-scanner in Cologne Church

Minister Hans Mörtter (54) announced he will be placing a body-scanner at the church entrance to, as he explains “…scan for non-lutherans and to create a ‘Heretic-free’-zone. We hope all believers will understand and say ‘Yes, we scan!’ ”

Of course the scanner is a fake, meant to mock/protest the ‘culture of total fear’ of today, that makes the citizens entrench themselves in terror .

LOL, very cool initiative indeed! But I’m afraid some churches seem to think modern surveillance technology is a good idea to keep track of their flock:

Polish priest to schoolkids: ‘Yes we scan’ … Sad, just sad…


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