New iPad rumours: The Pocket iPad, iCargo cult

I wasn’t gonna post anything on the whole iPad hype, but reading the Register this morning changed my mind:

Yesterday they speculated on a smaller version of the iPad, that would fit into your pocket and takes a SIM-card. Suggested names are the Fondle-Slab™ or iStroke™ .

And today they add the icing to the cake: Remote tribe discovered worshipping iPad!

“The tribe’s shaman elder explained that under the influence of i’foria, as the drug is known, he was visited by a superhuman being with a beard, a forehead of polished ivory and four eyes who described to him a magic tablet which would bring about a rebirth of humanity and the dawning of a new age of inter-tribal peace and understanding.”
“In fact, Ka’zi legend tells of such a divinity – a man who transcends the mere mortal to open all the doors behind which lies wonders beyond imagination, such as enchanting music and magic communications tools allowing, for example, the Ka’zi to share their everyday lives in brief bursts of 140 characters or less.”


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