Check out www.millimeterwaveporn.com. Not really porn of course, but it’s a great name for a great project to raise awareness of the problems these new body-scanners have concerning privacy and bodily integrity.

With passive millimeter wave scanning, privacy violations are already happening in public spaces on people who are not necessarily transportation passengers and not performed in a secure place, even though guidelines exist for the deployment of these scanners in the U.S.A. and Canada which forbid security professionals from storing the images or knowing the subject’s identity.

Of course, even with these guidelines, there’s still the analog hole; operators could still take pictures of the screens using their phones or cameras.

If you are a security professional using this type of technology in a public arena in a situation where you are told by your supervisors to violate their own guidelines anyways, we here at MillimeterWavePorn.com will post any ‘hot’ millimeter scans we happen to receive by anonymous individuals, as long as the images are of people who are adults.

I really hope they manage to score some controversial images. Something like these examples (note, NSFW and proven false).


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