CNN’s high-tech coverage of the Haiti quake

I don’t watch a lot of tv, and hardly ever CNN, but last night I was watching their coverage of the tragic earthquake in Haiti and noticed the massive use of high-tech gadgets.

I can’t find the exact clip I saw, but they used the same big-ass multi-touch display as in this clip.

Also impressive was the use of Google Earth to show how densely populated the area is. It looked a lot like this clip.

But I think I was most impressed with how casually they used this relatively new technology. A few years ago they would probably have had a nerdy-looking type to operate the tech for the journalists, since everyone knew those kinds of technologies were scary and required a live devoted to their arcane qualities to understand.

I remember when weather-people first got those ‘clickers’ so they could advance to the next slide themselves. They looked so uncomfortable with them, made lots of mistakes and it took them years to act natural with them, but this new technology seems to be adopted without any fear, hesitation or reverence for the ‘black magic’.

I wonder if this is caused more by the progress of technology, being more intuitive and user-friendly or the progress of mankind, being less impressed/scared by new technology. Either way it’s nice that you can be good with high-tech and be a ‘normal person’ at the same time.


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