Dutch Pirate Party takes the fight to BREIN!

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UPDATE: The judge decided BREIN was out of line to broaden the terms of the original judges decision, so the general proxy stays online, at least until the proper case on April 24th. Read more at Slashdot…

I wrote before about the Pirate Bay proxy the dutch Pirate Party had set up. Last Friday BREIN asked a judge for an ex parte decision to have the proxy taken down. The Pirate Party asked the judge to make it a normal case considering the lack of extreme urgency (there are thousands of proxies on the Net), but this was denied and the Pirate Bay-specific proxy was taken down. However, BREIN and the court were probably unaware that the Pirate Party has been running a general proxy for much longer now, ever since WikiLeaks was blocked in many countries. A link to this proxy and many other circumvention measures was put up and promptly BREIN demanded this proxy would filter out requests for the Pirate Bay and related sites/ip-adresses, this time not even bothering to visit their judge. As a result most hyperlinks were removed from tpb.piratenpartij.nl, but the general proxy is still up (just add .proxy.piratenpartij.nl at the end of the URL, like https://thepiratebay.se.proxy.piratenpartij.nl or https://nachtvorst.wordpress.com.proxy.piratenpartij.nl ) and, most importantly: The Pirate Party is countersueing BREIN! That’s right, take the fight to them!

Here’s the press release:


With the might of a whole generation behind them, today the Dutch Pirate Party goes to war for a free internet. By dragging BREIN to court, the Pirate Party finally has the chance to put forward arguments to strike the court injunction that was unilaterally imposed on it last friday by Dutch entertainment industry organisation BREIN.

After the legal harassment continued even on saturday night, when BREIN sent an email at 20:15 demanding extra measures under threat of draconian penalties, the Pirates are anxious to finally get their day in court. The penalties imposed by the court are 4 times higher than those ordered upon the large commercial ISPs XS4ALL and Ziggo, demonstrating that the ideas of a (yet) small political party are deemed more dangerous than for-profit companies.

The Pirate Party is highly disappointed that the judge ruled thusly and has allowed BREIN to rewrite their claim in order to avoid the preemptive legal request of the Pirate Party to be heard in court, were BREIN to come with a so-called “ex parte” injunction request. The Pirate Party sees this course of action as a direct attack on democracy and justice.

“It is time that the industry attack dogs understand that you can’t trample on people’s freedoms for your own monetary gain,” Pirate Party board member blauwbaard says. “Today we’ll try to explain to the judge how giving BREIN one blocking instrument causes them to stretch it in unjust ways to stifle free speech and the free flow of information. Paraphrasing Victor Hugo, nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.”

At this weekend’s Pirate Parties International convention, where delegates of over 60 Pirate Parties world-wide convened, representatives of the Dutch Pirate Party made a statement about the ongoing affairs. The Dutch Pirate Party calls upon all pirates and freedom-loving landlubbers to stand up and support our fight against censorship. Because as Martin Luther King might have said it, were he alive today, “freedom on the internet is indivisible, a threat to freedom of the internet anywhere is a threat to freedom on the internet everywhere.”



Rick Falkvinge @ TED

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I just watched Rick Falkvinge’s (the founder of and MEP for the Pirate Party) talk at TEDxLondon. It’s amazing, inspiring, insightful and contains plenty of lol-moments as well. Ever heard a politician quote Futurama before?

Remember ‘seed and share’ could be the new ‘love and peace’!

Marco Brambilla – Civilization

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Amazing video by Marco Brambilla! I wish there was a better quality version of this, since it’s best watched full-screen. A 3D-version is displayed as a permanent installation in the Standard Hotel in New York. (via MrEgregore’s Youtube channel)

Spark pre-order registration is open!

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I just put in a registration at makeplaylive.com to pre-order the Spark tablet!

From Aaron Seigo’s blog:

Spark tablet pre-order registration is now open on the Make Play Live website.

This is a huge and exciting step forward for the project as it starts to bring our logistics together.

By registering now you will help us gauge initial demand so we can serve that demand appropriately. When order processing open, you will receive an email with the order link and a priority order code which will jump your order to the front of the line.

We will also have a little gift waiting for you in the Make Play Live store. 🙂

Over the next two months we will be unveiling more and more about Make Play Live on the website. Fun things like the Spark logo and branding will be unveiled; but important information will also start to appear, such as how you can get involved as an app developer, how to join our logistics network on the retail side and further details on our long term roadmap. I’ll of course keep you all in the loop here on my blog as things move forward.

Head on over to Make Play Live to register your interest now and help us spread the word around the ‘net and amongst your friends. Together we can make Spark a terrific success and show the world how great an open device experience can be.

Spark Tablet Update and Answers

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Aaron Seigo posted an update on the Spark Tablet, basically a  Zenithink C71 running the Plasma Active interface on Linux (Mer in the case, the continuation of MeeGo).

Pre-order registration starts next week, with actual shipping expected in May. Aaron seems very committed to keeping things very open and Free, even though not every part of the software will be Free at launch, that is simply not possible yet. The ‘market’-client will be GPL’ed at release, encouraging others to make their own implementation, the back-end for the ‘market’ will be opened once it’s been proven to work well (or if the whole thing fails miserably, let’s hope not). 3G and GPS won’t be available on the first models, but I could live with that, though it would be a nice bonus.

Minor bummer is that Aaron is not sure if the HDMI-output will work well at launch, but at least he’s open about it. I’d really like to use that output to hook the Spark up to a TV or my pico-projector. But in the very worst case, if the software flops completely, it’s still an option to install Android on the device, I’ve even seen a video of the tablet running ICS (Android 4.0).

Finally, a Tablet with Free Software!

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Just read the announcement by Aaron Seigo, one of the most respected KDE developers, that the Spark will be released soon for €200. It will be the first tablet computer running completely on Free software!

Aaron Seigo. This is exactly how I looked after seeing this announcement \m/

The device will have the Plasma Active interface (KDE for mobile devices and TVs) running on an open Linux stack on unlocked hardware. The device is probably an A9 Zenithink ZT-280 C71, a pretty decent little tablet for the price with the following features:

  • 1 GHz ARMv7 (Cortex A9)  processor with Mali-400 GPU
  • 7″, 800 x 480, 5-point multi-touch capacitive display
  • 512 MB RAM, 4 GB Flash, micro-sd slot
  • WiFi and 3G
  • 1080p HDMI output
  • 335 grams

I’m using a similarly type of tablet (slightly bigger and faster) and it’s good enough for most things you’d want to do on a tablet, but I really do miss an HDMI output on mine, and it runs Android, which is certainly less Free then a pure Linux stack.

I really hope they pull this off and I’ll order one as soon as it’s available!

Fenriz Does an Interview

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More fun stuff from Fenriz!


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